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Stellar Dolphin is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency (XDM) that is based on Stellar Lumen protocol, so any Stellar Dolphin improvements can be applied to Stellar Dolphin. Stellar Dolphin is a hardfork of Stellar Lumen. Stellar Dolphin is developed on the source code of Stellar Lumen Commonwealth.

*All Stellar holders as of block (~30th of August 2018) will be owners of Stellar Dolphin.

Pre Sale XDM


Use this lightweight client to send and receive XDM
over the Stellar Dolphin network.

Web Wallet

Get Stellar Dolphin
via Airdrop

Stellar Lumen holders prior to the hard-fork split that will occur
in block (~30th of August 2018) will receive 1 times their holdings
in Stellar Dolphin coins.
Each XLM holder receives XDM in the ratio of 1:1 for free.
Example: You have 100 XLM, you received 100 XDM after fork.

Official ANN Thread

Roadmap 2018

  • Release smart-contracts API

  • Release peer-to-peer marketplace

  • Release mobile wallet


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